A Day To Remember at The Kia Forum

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The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

A Day To Remember

You don't move with the crowd, youre not a bleeting sheep! No! You're an Alternative Music fan! You've got Independence, and a sense of style! From Pop, Indie, and Rock to R&B, Blues and Rap music, you like all genres of music, and you like them fused. And for that, you've gone to the right spot, as one of the leading acts, A Day To Remember is heading California and you have to be here, in the crowd, looking like a bunch of sheep... but independent sheep!!!

A Day To Remember bursts into the summer with their newest tour, supporting their brand-new songs. Catch them live at Inglewood's The Kia Forum this coming Thursday 18th July 2024. They're an Alt icon, and this is the year you get to see them Live on stage So, hit that "Get Tickets" button on the right and you prabably want to get enough for your family too, because there's absolutely nothing worse than a lost little sheep...

Get your hands on this head-spinning good time! It’s about to heat up Inglewood like it's never been before! You'd better watch out because when A Day To Remember arrives to the city, it’s sure to be loud and wild! The alt music powerhouse has overtaken the industry with magnificent songs - these are tracks that can make anyone rock out like there’s no tomorrow! Rockers in California will absolutely be ready for this one!

A Day To Remember is bringing their newest music with them on tour, but as well as new songs, well-known earlier releases will definitely be getting some play time! Over the course of A Day To Remember’s magnificent career, they have created a back catalog containing some of the ultimate music. These are tracks that garnered highly rated reviews from critics and the music industry. Their most recent music also earned nothing but praise from the music magazine, Kerrang!! Moreover, don’t be scared off by A Day To Remember’s collection of magnificent awards because this act remains as unfiltered and pure as the day their debut dropped.

A Day To Remember’s largest yet road trip will be crossing America and stopping at all the big venues, including The Kia Forum. Now, wild fans in Inglewood can go all out because The Kia Forum can definitely cope with the hyper energy! It's large capacity allows audiences more than enough space to rock out and get loose. Plus, the top of the line sound and light equipment guarantees the gig is given state-of-the-art treatment! Finally, The Kia Forum’s magnificent facilities ensures that you will have the ultimate time ever!

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A Day To Remember at The Kia Forum

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