Dude Perfect at The Kia Forum

Dude Perfect Tickets

The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

The Dude Perfect Pound it Noggin Tour! Live at The Forum Los Angeles, July 14 2019.
An unmissable trick shot!

Dude Perfect at The Forum

Five Perfect Dudes from Texas play some Basketball… no not quite like that, think trick shots, impossible angles, even more impossible shots, world records, it’s basketball, baseball, football that thing they call soccer, yeah the other football, American football, hockey, ice hockey… anything involving a sport OK. Also a lot of stuff that is not a sport… Think good natured dudes having an adventure, having fun, plus these Dudes are doing it for Jesus so it good clean fun for your kids to watch, no funny business here.

“One of the hottest sensations on the internet” —The Huffington Post

Dude Perfect are a top YouTube sensation in America; with over 40 million YouTube subscribers, 5 Billion video views, 17 million Facebook followers and nearly 10 million Instagram followers. Dude Perfect are ranked the NUMBER 1 YOUTUBE CHANNEL in the United States of America. You obviously have all seen them on the small screen now its your chance to catch this unforgettable event live, so what are you waiting for these dudes are just Perfect!

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Dude Perfect may have started with just some cheap old action camera and a basketball and a free lunch bet, but it has grown to be an all action, all sport, all non-sport but they will make it a sport kinda thing that just leaves their viewers amazed and astounded.

The Dudes are:
Cory Cotton, twin number 2 and the milkshake man.
Cody Jones, the tall one… that just sleeps all day.
Tyler Toney, the one with the beard, only play's real sports.
Coby Cotton, twin number 1, if you can’t tell them apart – offer them a milkshake.
Garrett Hilbert, has an unnatural fear of sunlight, its just vitamin D Garrett.

“Dude Perfect specializes in the impossible.” —USA Today
“You guys are great” —Lebron James

Dude Perfect at The Forum

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