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The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

Lamb Of God & Mastodon

The metal music giants Lamb Of God and Mastodon will wreak musical havoc on the California stage for their “Ashes of Leviathan" tour on Wednesday, 21st of August, at The Kia Forum, Inglewood. Jamming with the renowned guitarist Kerry King and band Malevolence, the Grammy award-nominated band Lamb of God and the Grammy award-winning band Mastodon will co-headline for this US and Canada tour, dropping a show in California to bring you their thunderous riffs and bone-shaking beats like no other. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their two respective album releases, the headlining duo will feature their iconic albums “Ashes of the Awake” and “Leviathan" as they perform the entirety of this album LIVE, which will make you go headbanging in plain sight. Let the moshing begin as Lamb of God and Mastodon deliver the metal mastery for a double-down rock music experience you will remember for the rest of your lives. Get your tickets now!

Not just one, but two metal music legends will fire up the California stage as Lamb Of God and Mastodon teamed up for their “Ashes of Leviathan" tour on Wednesday, 21st of August at The Kia Forum, Inglewood. With their supporting acts Kerry King and Malevolence, the night will be full of growling vocals and shredding guitars as the co-headlining stars deliver the hardcore musical experience LIVE!

Lamb of God and Mastodon will kick off their North American and Canada tour, having its stop in California for a bombastic showcase of metal sounds of their style. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their albums “Ashes of the Awake” and “Leviathan”, the metal music giants will put up a show all night as they performed the whole album LIVE!

The brute and powerful disposition of the band Lamb of God catapulted them as one of the icons of metal scene in late 90s. Having over 3 million albums sold and nominated FIVE TIMES in Grammy Awards, they released hit songs that made them one of the torchbearers of their genre. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit album “Ashes of the Awake”, they will perform the entirety of the album live to showcase their feral intensity on the stage.

Laid To Rest
Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
The Faded Line
Blood of the Scribe
One Gun
Break You
What I’ve Become
Ashes of the Awake
Remorse Is for the Dead

The iconic rock band Mastodon will also hit the same stage with their sonic an progressive music. Their unique and uncategorizable style of music separates them from other bands, making them one-of-one on any rank. Bagging a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for their song “Sultan’s Curse”. Now, they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic album “Leviathan” that landed as one of the 100 greatest metal albums of all time according to Rolling Stones.

Blood and Thunder
I am Ahab
Iron Tusk
Naked Burn
Aqua Dementia
Hearts Alive
Joseph Merrick

The tour will feature Kerry King and Malevolence as support acts. Kerry King is an iconic metal guitarist, known as a former member of the band Slasher. Rocking with his new project group, they will spice up the metal experience with their godly riffs and shreds that are a blessing to the ears. Groove metal band Malevolence will also join the party as they feature their best hits including On Broken Glass, Life Sentence, and more.

The Kia Forum, home of the only-arena sized venue in the US that solely supports music and entertainment, will be the venue for Lamb of God and Mastodon’s “Ashes of Leviathan" tour. With its new lighting, seating, and high-quality concert systems, it is a perfect night to remember as Lamb of God and Mastodon deliver the metal-infused concert experience, no filter! Grab your tickets now!

Lamb Of God & Mastodon at The Kia Forum

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