Loona – Band at The Kia Forum

Loona - Band Tickets

The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

Loona - Band

Nothing can compete with a night in Inglewood consisting of unforgettable live music. Coming to make a splash in California on Saturday 7th October 2023 is a show that you do NOT want to miss! The spectacular Loona - Band will be playing live at the stunning The Kia Forum in Inglewood. Experience first hand why Loona - Band is one of the most in-demand shows around today. This act is known for their smashing showmanship, and authentic live performances - Loona - Band is reviewed as one of the finest shows on in California today! Get ready for a spectacular night with your friends that you'll never forget! Buy your tickets here today!

Some artists have fans. Others, like Loona - Band have a family. Are you a part of that family? The Kia Forum is the ideal place for a “family reunion”. The second to none atmosphere will help you meet fellow Loona - Band lovers and make many new friends to share this emotion with. From waiting in line, to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many opportunities to share your excitement with other fellow fans. Then, when the first cord strikes, you’ll be grooving, jumping and singing together as if you’ve known each other forever. And, after this, maybe you will! Hearing hundreds, or thousands, of voices screaming and singing along with you to every song and seeing the light of thousands of flashlights light up the venue are sights and sounds that will send chills down your spine and give you goosebumps. The overall atmosphere of a concert leaves no room for any other emotion other than excitement and happiness. And all of this is just one click away from being yours.

Loona - Band at The Kia Forum

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