The 1975 at The Kia Forum

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The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

Stop looking for 'somebody else 'cause The 1975 is coming back, set to spread 'happiness at their newly-announced "At Their Very Best" Tour in support of their upcoming album named "Being Funny in a Foreign Language". With a big new record coming out this October, the boys are set to rock it out at The Kia Forum on Monday, 28th of November 2022. As a follow-up to their previously released single "Part of the Band", The 1975 gave fans a dose of joy with a new video for their new single "Happiness". So, get ready to sing your hearts out to The 1975's best hits, crowd favorites, and new beats at the "At Their Very Best" Tour by booking your tickets now!

The 1975 at The Kia Forum

The 1975 teased the name of their upcoming album through postcards sent to fans last June. The first single "Part of the Band" marked the beginning of a big new era. Announcing the "At Their Very Best" headlining tour in support of their new record, the band dropped a new single and a music video named "Happiness". Two songs in, fans have been given some doses of what to expect from the new record as "Being Funny in a Foreign Language" hits the shelves this October 14th.

"Happiness” is like… there’s literally loads of us in the room on that track," said Matty Healy in an interview with Zane Lowe. "It came through like jamming. And we haven’t done that in like years."

Talking about their upcoming album, "So we just wanted this record to be really like a captured moment and not be too constructed and even produced that much….," he added. "And it’s us having fun. And I think that there’s this real desire in art to see something remarkable with as little technology as possible."

Matty Healy also discussed about working with producer Jack Antonoff on their new record. "I think that guy has a reputation for being busy, but I can tell you, he’s just good. He’s so good," he shared. "What he does is identifies what an artist is really good at or where the truth is coming from. And it’s a bit like, if you think of like a great comedian, the language of like sense of humor, they can sense where the humor is in the situation."

The English pop rock band took the world by storm for their pop-rock hits over the last decade, including "Chocolate", "Girls", "The Sound", "Somebody Else", "TooTimeTooTimeTooTime", "Love It If We Made It", and many more.

The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Matty Healy, lead guitarist Adam Hann, bassist Ross MacDonald, and drummer George Daniel.

To date, The 1975 has four #1 albums in the UK, amassing several accolades and nominations including Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, Mercury Prize, NME Awards, and MTV Awards.

With a big new record hitting the airwaves right around the corner, The 1975 is set to throw in big surprises as the day comes. Two songs in, fans are definitely itching to hear the rest of "Being Funny in a Foreign Language". Though one thing's for sure, the band is set to bring doses of 'happiness to all their fans across the world. Don't miss out on their new album coming to life on the big stage at the At Their Very Best Tour by booking your tickets now!

The 1975 at The Kia Forum

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