New Kids On The Block at The Kia Forum

New Kids On The Block Tickets

The Kia Forum | Inglewood, California

New Kids On The Block

Anyone want to go back in time, way back to 1990? Well, we'd like to say we have a time machine that can do all that for you, but we don't. That being said, we have the next best thing. A 2nd edition of the New Kids on the Block Magic Tour. Anyone who was lucky enough knows that this was THE tour to attend back in the day, and now it's back, and you finally have another, or maybe your first chance.

This time around, it's going to make a stop at the Kia Forum on Friday, July 5th, 2024, and fans are super giddy with excitement, to the point where tickets are sold-out just about everywhere. Luckily for you, we've got passes right here, and all you gotta do is click on the "Get Tickets" button located above, and secure your spot through our fast and reliable check-out process. It will be one of the best things you get yourself to all year.

When the circumstances are just right, miraculous things can happen. That is exactly what happened in 1990, when New Kids on the Block kicked off their "Magic Tour," sponsored by McDonald's and Coca-Cola. The tour absolutely wowed fans with hit after hit and, of course, a big bag of magic tricks, which they showed off in collaboration with Harry Blackstone Jr.

Now, all of that enchantment is back again, and for both old and new fans, the Magic Tour will resume in 2024. What a rush, right? Not only do you get to live your glory days again, but you also get to experience a band on tour after a decade away. Fans are going to get one amazing summer when it rolls around, filled with great vibes, amazing music, and enough nostalgia to last you the whole year.

The five-piece band, consisting of Donnie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny, has sold many platinum records, and with a history like theirs, be prepared for some unforgettable live performances. The Magic Tour promises to deliver a night filled with high-energy dance routines, powerful vocals, and mind-blowing, state of the art, stage production. With their undeniable chemistry and years of experience, New Kids on the Block are guaranteed to leave fans wanting more.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to sing along to all your favorite hits as this iconic boy band takes the stage once again in 2024. Enjoy all the throwback fun of the '90s with modern enhancements that will make the experience even more memorable. New music is also on the cards with the re-release of "The Block," a revamped version of their 2008 album that came out on November 3 of last year. Like the original from the '90s, they've promised to play all the songs as well as fan favorites, plus some incredible surprises.

NKOTB will be performing at some of the world's most iconic venues, including some of the same venues they graced with their legendary 1990 Magic Tour performances. Joining them on this special occasion are two legendary musicians from the '90s—Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff—who have an incredible discography of hits that is sure to keep you rocking out. Jeff and Abdul have won several accolades and sold millions of records between them, which puts them on par with the headliners.

Obviously, something of this magnitude is a very rare occurrence, and you really need to be on the ball if you want to attend. All the fans are coming, and you need to be there too. We've got tickets for sale right now, but be quick, or someone else will happily snap up your place.

New Kids On The Block at The Kia Forum

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